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National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day | Giving Back


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In honor of National Adopt a Shelter Pet Day we’d like to share a little peek at some of our most rewarding adventures with shelter and rescue pets and raise awareness for a cause that’s very near and dear to our hearts.

It all started seven years ago when we began volunteering photography services for a few of our favorite local charities. With so much appreciation for the support we’d been receiving from our community we wanted to start giving back, and helping local rescue and shelter pets was at the top of our list. It’s been gratifying and exciting to team up with other like-minded volunteers in the shelter and rescue community and see our work lead deserving pets to their furever home.

Our efforts originally focused on donating pet portrait sessions and ‘glamour shots’ to help debut and network furry friends up for adoption. However, working hands-on in our local animal shelter quickly opened our eyes to the urgent need for foster homes so we decided to go all-in and brought home our first rescue kitty, Sylvia from the Wexford County Animal Shelter.

As longtime cat lovers and animal advocates it seemed only natural to lend a helping hand and it just so happens that our studio is the perfect refuge for kitties with nowhere else to go. The windows overlooking the back yard, soft lighting, open play space, and comfy lounging areas offer our furry friends a soothing sanctuary from their otherwise chaotic lives.

We’re thrilled to say in the past decade our studio has provided a loving foster home for over 50 cats and kittens, as well as a warm, inviting space to arrange adoption portrait sessions for dozens upon dozens of local shelter and rescue cats. Whether we’re hosting them in our studio or it’s simply their time to shine in front our cameras, we have loved getting to know each and every one of their fun and quirky personalities.

Our beloved guests have included pregnant mommies, wee bottle babies, injured strays, kitties rescued from hoarding or neglect situations, owner surrenders, the list goes on. Their backstories come with heartbreak and scars and bring us constant awareness that there are so many others out there struggling to survive. Although it’s comforting to know we are helping some, we wish we could save them all!

Our most recent fostering adventures include a litter of feral kittens/”hood cats” we have affectionately named Marvin, Gilroy and Minnie. They’ll be available for adoption in the coming months after being socialized, spayed/neutered, and given a clean bill of health. If you’d like to make a monetary donation to help cover their medical costs please contact us and we’ll put you in touch with our veterinary clinic to place a donation. Here they are living their best foster life…

We’re so grateful for the organizations we work with and their dedication to this cause: Animal Advocates of Wexford, Wexford County Animal Shelter/Shelter Shares, AC PAW, Missaukee Humane Society and Wexford County Ani-meals. are among our local groups.

In the midst of these difficult times charities need our support now more than ever. We encourage anyone looking to give back to reach out to non-profits and ask about ways you can help. And if you’re animals lovers like us and understand the joy of pets and the light they shine please consider contacting your local animal shelters, rescue groups or food pantries for more info about fostering, adopting, networking, or donating food and supplies while following their protocol for “social distancing” and staying safe.

“Happy is the home with at least one cat.” -Italian Proverb

And because we’re dogs lovers as well and certainly don’t want to leave out our k-9 friends. “Happiness is a warm puppy.” -Charlie Brown

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