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Why Couples Should Consider a First Look Wedding…


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Waaaay back in the day of pre-arranged marriages- when marriage was a business deal between families- brides and grooms were never allowed to see each other or even meet before the wedding. This was so the groom wouldn’t have time to back out of the marriage if he happened to find the bride unattractive or unappealing. Over the years the tradition of “the bride in hiding” changed into a superstition and seeing each other before the wedding was considered to be “bad luck”. Nowadays though, this old fashioned notion is being kicked to the curb by modern photo-loving brides and grooms everywhere.

Here’s how it works…..

The bride and groom get ready separately just like normal. When both are dressed and photo ready we take the groom to a spot with great light and get ready to snap away! As the bride enters the scene we’re there to discretely capture all the emotions of this especially intimate moment. Bride and groom portraits, wedding party, and family photos are typically taken immediately following the First Look and many couples choose to reserve a little post ceremony time as well for a few more family photos and bride and groom portraits at their reception venue or another alternate location.

Why you should consider a “First Look” wedding….

1. Scheduling time before the ceremony when there is still plenty of light and everyone looks fresh makes for GREAT photos!

2. First Look sessions provide a bit of personal, quiet time together before the ceremony to exchange gifts, cards, tears, laughter, hugs, kisses, or say a little prayer together. Giving yourselves a moment before the day officially starts to connect with one another and take a deep breath tends to help get all the nerves out of the way.

3. Although the bride’s walk down the aisle is emotional too, couples are not together in those photographs which gives First Look sessions another great advantage.

4. Instead of spending one and a half to two hours shooting photos after your ceremony, First Look sessions allow you to get to your cocktail hour or reception quicker and greet your guests sooner!

5. Couples who choose to have a First Look wedding ultimately end up with more photos together. We absolutely love having some extra time with the bride and groom!

6. From our experience, getting a majority of your photos done before the ceremony is a lot less stressful. We promise! And chances are the First Look photos will end up being some of your favorites from the entire day.

Alternatives to a First Look Session….

Many brides choose to have a First Look session with their dad before the ceremony instead of the groom. Some of the most touching moments we’ve witnessed at weddings have been between a bride and her father.

“First Touch” sessions are another great alternative for couples who prefer to stick with the tradition of not seeing each other before the ceremony. No peeking! Whatever you decide, we’ve got your back and are here to help ensure your day unfolds as beautifully as you imagined.

*Couples who choose to book their wedding with us receive a complimentary pre-wedding consult and scheduling assistance. Ask how we can make a First Look or First Touch session work with your wedding day timeline!

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